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As with all Water Restoration equipment, everything has a place in the appropriate situation. All jobs are unique to themselves and require a specific strategy to produce results. This is why Perth Restoration Services is stocked with variable equipment. The DBK Drymatic System we find can be utilised to efficiently extract moisture from the property using controlled heat and air-exchange. It adds energy to the equation which other water restoration drying equipment cannot.

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Heat Drying Perth
Heat Drying Perth
Heat Drying Water Damage Restoration Service
Heat Drying Service
Heat Water Restoration in perth

Heat Drying is the most effective water restoration procedure available on the market.

Whether you have a small residential house, an industrial unit, a local authority building or your day to day offices, the heat drying System Perth Restoration Services uses can be utilised. It efficiently extracts moisture from the property using controlled heat air-exchange. As a company we believe this drying process is the way of the future, hence our investment. This heat drying process is also extremely effective in Perth, WA. It helps us remove bound moisture from water damaged materials within a property that are trapped deep in the hard, dense structures we are accustomed to.

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It’s simple. We’re here for you. Perth Restoration Services!

Heat drying holds the key to a prompt, efficient and more customer friendly drying service. Not many companies in Perth are prepared to pay for or believe in using Drymatic products. When you have deep water ingress trapped in dense construction materials such as brick masonry, concrete slabs, under tiles, timber frames, there is no better solution.
The Drymatic heat drying system is the true way of the future and allows us to use the elements like no other. This massive drying package system may cost us more money, but the saying goes you get what you pay for? Using this equipment means we put our water restoration technicians in complete control of every drying job they are working on.
If people don’t have an option to move, dry time of a property can have a direct impact on the situation. As mentioned the equipment is also significantly quieter than most drying systems. It allows us to implement target and injector drying methods.
Heat expands materials and allows for easier evaporation. So used in tandem with more traditional drying methods including dehumidification to catch the moisture works a treat.

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Target Drying Works Wonders!

It’s simple. We’re here for you. Perth Restoration Services

Target Heat Drying can also be considered the most cost-effective and efficient method of restoring water damaged structures back to their pre-loss conditions. This is bound to enlighten the customer or party compensating. Perth Restoration Services and their heat drying system use controlled heat to energise the affected materials. This increases the vapour pressure differential which creates faster evaporation of the wet structure. Once the water is removed from the structure and moved into the ambient air, our equipment can then purge the building of all the damp air and replace it with fresh unaffected dry air. This means less chance of secondary damage and an uninhabitable environment.

Our system is also known as target drying and is designed to deliver hot, dry air to the water held within the structure, in a safe and controlled way.

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