Some of the more important equipment we use!

Our Specialist Equipment.

TRUCKMOUNT OR PORTABLE EXTRACTION MACHINE: This is the ideal tool for powerful removal of liquid water and cleaning after a flood or emergency. Used primarily by professional flood restoration technicians, carpet and hard surface cleaners, truck mounted and portables come in many different sizes. We have invested in state-of-the-art machines to accommodate for our job that can also clean hard surfaces, like tiles, concrete and stone. This will mean less elbow grease on your part, and a more efficient, effective results for our clients.

BOOST BAR OR DBK II: The latest technology with the user-friendly touch screen Interface. The Drymatic Boost Bar or MKII! is the next generation of the Boost Box; further expanding our ability to deliver targeted heat to any wet structure.

AIR BLOWERS: Our Air Blower Fans are portable, lightweight and a solution for your ventilation requirements. They are ideal for construction drying applications with low amp draw while delivering an amazing 3733 CFM of airflow. Our fans deliver much more air along walls than traditional air movers. LGR

DEHUMIDIFIER: Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifiers have the capacity to remove moisture and water vapour more effectively than your conventional residential/commercial grade dehumidifier. The efficiency of LGR Dehumidifiers are capable of achieving and operating at relative humidity levels as low as 20%.

TROTEC MOISTURE METER KIT: The Trotec moisture meter and accessories bundle is a great kit for professionals which allows us and our staff to record all the data required by insurance assessors and other clients. The kit has all the essential meters to record and report on your job site conditions. The four meters include the Trotec T660 Moisture meter, Trotec T510 Moisture Meter, Trotec T210 Thermohygrometer which measures air temperature and relative humidity and the Trotec TP7 Pyrometer.

THERMAL CAMERA: Handheld Thermography Camera is a camera with both optical images and thermal images. It can do thermography, distance measurement, video recording, snapshot capturing, alarm, etc. The built-in high-sensitivity IR detector and high-performance sensor detects the temperature change and measure the real-time temperature.

AIR PURIFIER: This is an air cleaner and is used in extreme circumstances when cross contamination has occurred. It is a magnificent piece of equipment used for air cleaning and vacuum maintenance. It can be used for cleaning air in confined spaces, for keeping negative pressure and for reducing hazardous substances and odours. Good for construction sites.

FOGGER: A fogging machine uses large volumes of air at low pressure to transform liquid into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. It can be used to disinfect large and often hard to reach areas in a very short time. There are a variety of different types of foggers and the more sophisticated brands are used to spray much smaller microns which will intern hang around alot longer and be alot more effective.

ZIPWALL CONTAIMENT: The Zipwall ensures clean rooms during restoration or renovation work and avoids annoying re-cleaning. The module system includes aluminum supporting poles, which creates a dust-tight barrier due to a foil and a convenient entrance or exit by a self-adhesive zipper (220 cm long). It can be set up as a room divider, in L or U shape or as a polygon. All angles are possible. DRYMATIC

PARTICLE COUNTER: The particle counter is designed to measure the size and amount of particles in the air. The detected data can be used for analysing clean rooms or prove environmental burdens from particulates. The particle counter sucks in air for an adjustable amount of time and determines the size and amount of particles contained in it.

“Perth Restoration Service are a fully certified IICRC Company. We are also your true friends in Flood, Fire and Restoration”— Sean Thomas, Head Technician/Owner


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