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All our make safe services are known and recognised as the best in Perth due to a variety of reasons. Perth Restoration Services also makes it extremely easy to work with only one company as we accommodate for all services in restoration. Our water removal company in Perth is premium due to the following reasons:

We work with the most advanced and up to date machinery: We have grown as a water damage restoration service mainly because of experience, training and connections with suppliers re advanced machinery use. Looking to save money when purchasing premium equipment can cost a customer substantially and end in disaster. Our vast range and variety of equipment means we can tackle any job at any time of year throughout Perth.

Ecofriendly and Biodegradable Cleaning Agents: The cleaning agents we use are safe and contain no toxins in them. Our make safe strategy means our technicians can guide and assist you thoroughly onsite. Our approach is safe during water damage or mould removal clean up service.

Respected Experts in Perth, Western Australia: We are not only a leading firm in Perth but all of our expert technicians are fully trained by the IICRC and licensed to do all the work we are assigned to.

Our clients are never left unsatisfied. You are always provided with a fully documented report to explain and accommodate insurance. Our clients are always free to contact and ask questions as well as receive expert advice at any time.

The longer you leave or neglect a restoration service the more it will cost to correct it. To care for the pockets of each and every resident of Perth, our friendly advice is do not wait for things to become unsalvageable.  Flood, Fire, Mould and BioHazard work can also rule you out of an insurance claim faster than you think if you don’t report it immediately. Call Perth Flood And Fire Services asap and let us introduce you to all the services we are capable of before excessive damage arises.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can do your own test! Turn off the water mains tap running into your property. Is your meter gauge is still running? If it is, then you likely have some form of leak somewhere. Also pay attention to what’s going on around your property. Paint bubbling in your walls, brown patches on your ceiling, cupping in you floor boards are all indications of trapped moisture?

Warm Humid air with alot of moisture content will change into droplets when it comes into contact with a cold surface.

-Turn off the main water supply immediately

-Turn off electrical source of premises as it is a safety hazard

-Notify Insurance Company of your emergency

-If safe relocate personal and valuable items

-Once authorised bring in water restoration professionals who will return your premises to pre-existing condition

-Pay careful attention to technicians advice for the safety of you and your family

The most common cause of mould is condensation or a possible water leak onsite. With a suitable environment organic materials or painted walls along with high relative humidity you risk having mould spores settle and germinate in areas.

– Keep your house tidy and dust free.

– Ventilate your house adequately

– Have effective extractors to catch water vapour

– Warm up the walls to avoid condensation

– Make sure window frames are sealed properly

-Monitor run off and waterproofing around your house

-If you have water damage attend to it immediately


Humidity always seeks equilibrium. Therefore the warm humid air inside the premises hits the glass of the window where it is rapidly cooled by the outside air producing condensation. This creates the ideal breeding ground for mould.

Water damage can be the result of things such as flooding, a burst pipe, or a leak through the roof. When this happens, you risk further damage to the infrastructure as well as any items or furniture.

The more you leave the water damage, the likelihood of mould and further health hazards will only grow. Bringing in professional cleaners can remove any mould, rotting items and moisture on your property.

We use industry-leading equipment to help us carry out the job to the fullest extent of your needs. With a combination of specialist drying equipment and non-abrasive solutions, our restoration technicians can remove all water damage as well as any traces of mould and secondary damage.

We place, best practise, professional expertise and health and safety at the core of our business. We’re fully compliant with all legal obligations. That means we are fully insured and police cleared. 

First, exposure to smoke and soot from fires can cause breathing difficulties, respiratory irritation, and headaches and can also worsen other existing medical conditions. The unstable components inside a fire-damaged building can also collapse and cause injuries.  

The most important factor to remember is that cleaning up fire and smoke damage alone can be counterproductive, especially if you don’t have the proper cleaning equipment and products to do a thorough job.

Smoke and soot damage on floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces can be stubborn, but they can be removed. Companies specializing in fire and smoke damage repair generally do take the following steps to make your property safe and healthy again.

Your first step after a flood should be to incorporate a water restoration company such as Perth Flood and Fire Services. If you want your insurance to compensate however, we can’t begin any work until we receive permission or authorisation from them to proceed. The earlier you call them and get approval, the sooner we can begin the flood damage restoration and cleanup process. Remember, you don’t want to wait to long for one of their adjusters to arrive before removing water from your property. The longer you wait, the more damage. Our experienced crew will arrive quickly to perform a thorough inspection once we have your go ahead.

Most Definitely. Commercial water damage restoration is among our specialties. We’ve serviced everything from shopping centres, office buildings, retail spaces, restaurants, warehouses, and garages. We can make arrangements to complete restoration work outside your regular business hours to minimize the disruption to your business.

It’s best to take immediate action if you’ve experienced an emergency with water damage. Water not only ruins furniture and carpets, more importantly, it can lead to significant structural deterioration. Water damage repairs may become more extensive the longer you wait to address them. Ignoring excess moisture or humidity in your building can lead to mould growth within 24-48 hours. While you could handle water damage on your own, it can be difficult to determine the source and extent of the damage without specialized equipment. Leave it up to our professionals at Perth Flood And Fire Services!

Well mould is a form of fungus that breaks down dead organic material. It thrives and is usually produced in damp and humid conditions. Given the right circumstances and opportunity it is common to find mould in our homes as well. See, your day-to-day house has a moist environment, warm air, and ideal materials to feed on, such as wood, carpet, ceiling board boards and wallpaper.

Unfortunately, mould will continue to develop until it’s remediated and removed completely. It also has a tendency to harm, cause health issues, so you must not by any means neglect it.

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