So, what exactly is mould?

Well mould is a form of fungus that breaks down dead organic material. It thrives and is usually produced in damp and humid conditions. Given the right circumstances and opportunity it is common to find mould in our homes as well. See, your day-to-day house has a moist environment, warm air, and ideal materials to feed on, such as wood, carpet, ceiling board boards and wallpaper.

Unfortunately, mould will continue to develop until it’s remediated and removed completely. It also has a tendency to harm, cause health issues, so you must not by any means neglect it.

What causes mould?

Many people are left wondering what causes mould in their home and why does it attack their walls, ceilings, and bathrooms. Getting to the root of the issue is important to know how to tackle it best. So let me update you on some of the common areas mould is found and their causes for the infestation.

Flooding or Rising damp

Water damage problems should be attended to immediately. If neglected, water damage from flooding, leaks, windows and faulty pipes can not only compromise the integrity of your home and its contents, but also cause mould growth. Mould can grow quickly after water damage, making the restoration process more difficult. Even a small amount of moisture, if not handled quickly and properly, can turn into a large mould infestation.

Rising damp may indicate a serious issue in your internal walls as well. The issues related to rising damp could be due to plumping leaks such as in the water pipes behind your walls or under your shower or bath.


Humidity is one of biggest culprits and main reasons mould occurs. That’s why mould is primarily found in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries where there is water vapour or steam. So this is often is evident and appears when showering, cooking, drying or washing your clothes with a tumble dryer or washing machine etc This results in more humid conditions than usual or in other part of the house.


Condensation is another major cause of mould. If you don’t know what condensation is, this is usually caused when warm air collides with a cold surface. The moisture in the air cannot escape, resulting in mould. Therefore, you will notice mould on hard and cold surfaces such as tiles or around your windows.

Poor ventilation

Poor ventilation will encourage mould develop. This can be due to the build-up of condensation from everyday activities like drying clothes indoors, cooking, and showering, which can add moisture to the air. Exhaust fans need to be fully functional in required areas and shower doors left ajar after a shower to relieve the room of excess vapour.

What mould can do to your health?

Remember, living in a home where mould has cross contaminated can affect your physical and mental well-being. Mould can trigger various health issues such as respiratory infections, worsening asthma, depression, allergic reactions, wheezing, sneezing and coughing.

Call A Professional

If you have a lot of water in the house, introduce a water damage restoration company sooner rather than later. Restoration companies have the right equipment and experience that’s a necessity to dry out your place quickly which will help you avoid mould or secondary damage.

Furthermore, if mould has started growing in your home following a flood, it’s likely that there’s even more mould hiding in unseen areas, such as inside walls. A professional experts will know how to detect hidden mould in inconspicuous areas where you wouldn’t expect it to be.

Perth Restoration Services are a professional mould removal and water damage restoration company. We are also fully qualified and Certified IICRC Firm.

“Perth Restoration Service are a fully certified IICRC Company. We are also your true friends in Flood, Fire and Restoration”

— Sean Thomas, Head Technician/Owner.


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